30 Days of Yoga


In my previous blog post I talked about experiencing what I like to call “post-grad blues” and how easy it is to lose motivation when you don’t know where to go next. Uncertainty of the future gives me so much anxiety that I tend to push all thoughts regarding my future away and only focus on the immediate present. As in, thinking about what I should eat for dinner later that day. In that post, I stated that one of my goals for the summer is to channel my energy into something productive and positive for myself and makes me happy.

One of the ways that people “find” themselves and become more self-aware is through yoga. Like most people, I’ve taken a few classes here and there with my friends, and sometimes even my mom, but I never really committed to the practice for my own sake. A few days ago, I randomly decided that I would start my morning off with a yoga session in my backyard. I typed in “yoga for beginners” on my laptop so that I could follow along and visually see what to do. This led me to find a YouTuber named Adrienne who posts various yoga videos that cater to many different levels, styles and abilities. One of the first videos that came up was the “day 1” video of her 30-day yoga challenge and it was then, that I decided I would watch her videos and do yoga everyday for 30 days and try to complete her challenge.

The first day was fairly easy to manage; she mostly focused on easing into the stretches and focusing on breathing. The second day proved to be much harder for me. As someone who works out very infrequently, I was using muscles that hadn’t been used in a while. Though it’s only been two days so far, I can definitely tell where many of my problems lie. I have terrible breathing techniques, my hamstrings, calves, and hips are very tight, and I’m lacking serious upper body strength.

I look forward to completing the 30-day yoga challenge and possibly extending it to a 100-day yoga challenge. One of the main takeaways from practicing yoga is learning how to be self-aware and understand your body. Knowing what I need to fix is the first step to working on these issues and getting fit.

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  1. o0o yoga! I remember taking it in college but I always felt TOO relaxed with having an instructor. I actually fell asleep once lol. You should be about a week into yoga now – are you still going strong?


    1. I actually just finished day 11 this morning! I have taken a few yoga classes in person and they were much easier for some reason doing it on my own with a Youtube video proves to be really difficult. I’m sore like 4 days out of the week lol but I’m hoping by day 30 I’ll be more flexible!

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