Post-Grad Blues and Getting “Lost in the Sauce”

So here’s the T,

Post-grad blues is a real thing and it’s really hard. Going to college away from home gave me the ability to grow and experience adult life without having true responsibilities yet. It was the best of both worlds. I could essentially do whatever, whenever I wanted but didn’t have to worry about paying my phone bill or my own rent. Though I have learned many valuable lessons during my time at Pitt, I do feel like should’ve done more with my time there.

While I was too busy enjoying my time and freedom, I was letting opportunities pass me by and not taking more initiative to find my passions and work towards goals. As graduation quickly approached and my peers were posting about great internship, job and grad school offers, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I had no idea where to go next. I didn’t have a career or job that I was particularly passionate about (I’m still struggling to figure this out) and I couldn’t see much past graduation day.

Upon returning home, the transition has definitely been difficult. I spend hours on social media looking at everyone else’s success stories and eager anticipation for their future endeavors. I can’t help but feel an emptiness about my own future. Applying for jobs is never easy, but it’s even worse not even knowing what direction to start in. At times it seems like I’m the only one stuck in the same spot. Even the people who don’t have a secured plan yet have a goal in mind.

Recently I’ve fallen into a pattern of extreme motivation about certain projects or career ideas and then followed by self-doubt which leads to me neglecting everything all together. I think the problem lies within having no direction in life and not knowing what my calling/passion is. My goal for the summer is to hone in on what truly makes me happy and start putting myself first more often. I’m always thinking about how other people feel and too often ignoring my own feelings.

This summer I plan to focus on bettering myself and building a stronger foundation. Here’s to a summer of self-love, self-awareness, blessings and happiness!



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  1. Hey, this was really well written and I really could relate to it. I felt a similar way about a month ago.

    I think you definitely have the right mindset, you’re feeling motivated and the best advice i think is to just keep doing things, keep applying for jobs or starting your own business but just don’t procrastinate!! Also I know its really hard but cutting back on social media was so important for me to actually be productive and focus – I know its hard but its such a distraction to achieving what you want !! Ha by the way, i’m not trying to dictate to you these are just some things that worked for me.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Cutting back on social media will definitely help with comparing myself to other people and help to refocus. These are all really great ideas!


  2. I’ve honestly been going through the same thing! I just graduated last August and I can completely relate to how you feel. I did recently write a post on my blog about some tips that have been helping me get through it and stay motivated for what’s to come. But it seems like you have a great mindset about everything and I wish you the best of luck going forward!


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