So Hard to Say Goodbye

Has eight years passed already?! Not only has the Obama family brought grace and poise to the White House since they entered it in 2008, but we've accomplished so many things and made so much progress as a country having them as our nation's leaders. Strides were made in gaining equal rights for all people, regardless... Continue Reading →

Letting Go and Letting God

So here’s the T, One of the things that helped me push through the end of 2016, along with a great support system of family and friends, was growing in my faith and spirituality. People have varying degrees of how close their relationship with God is, so I definitely understand that faith isn’t something that... Continue Reading →

A Change That I Embrace

First things first, Happy Natural Anniversary to me! It's been exactly one year since I buzzed off all my hair (again) and started on a natural hair journey. My hair was heat damaged, dry and overall needed some serious help so I decided that I needed a fresh start. I'm honestly surprised at how much... Continue Reading →

Accepting Change and New Beginnings

So here’s the T, We can all agree that 2016 was terrible for almost everyone. Some good things happened of course, (Frank Ocean finally released his album after a million years and it was definitely worth the wait) but so many bad things happened that seemed to overshadow the good. Yes, Donald Trump actually won... Continue Reading →


I’m Tamara! I’m originally from Long Island, New York and I’ve lived here all my life with my parents, my older brother and my little sister. Most of my extended family lives down South so usually it’s just the five us spending time together, which has made us an extremely close unit. I’m very big... Continue Reading →

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