It’s International Yoga Day!

This morning, I completed Day 12 of my 30-Day yoga challenge and I'm noticing so many great changes in my body as well as things that I still need to improve on. Yoga is a very mindful and self-aware practice and over the past week and a half I have become increasingly aware of my... Continue Reading →

Happy Pride Month!!

In honor of June being pride month I got a little colorful and creative! To get this look I used: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (Chocolate) for my eyebrows LA Girl Pro-Concealer (Almond) Maybelline FitMe Foundation-Matte Poreless (Cappuccino) Morphe 35B eyeshadow palette for the eyeshadow look Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit (Medium to Tan) Anastasia... Continue Reading →

30 Days of Yoga

In my previous blog post I talked about experiencing what I like to call “post-grad blues” and how easy it is to lose motivation when you don’t know where to go next. Uncertainty of the future gives me so much anxiety that I tend to push all thoughts regarding my future away and only focus... Continue Reading →

I made a Youtube channel?!

I finally did it! After months and months of contemplating whether or not I would start posting videos on my YouTube channel (I had a channel for about 3 years with no content on it), I decided to try making videos. I had always wanted to create a platform where I can share my love for... Continue Reading →

So Hard to Say Goodbye

Has eight years passed already?! Not only has the Obama family brought grace and poise to the White House since they entered it in 2008, but we've accomplished so many things and made so much progress as a country having them as our nation's leaders. Strides were made in gaining equal rights for all people, regardless... Continue Reading →

Letting Go and Letting God

So here’s the T, One of the things that helped me push through the end of 2016, along with a great support system of family and friends, was growing in my faith and spirituality. People have varying degrees of how close their relationship with God is, so I definitely understand that faith isn’t something that... Continue Reading →

A Change That I Embrace

First things first, Happy Natural Anniversary to me! It's been exactly one year since I buzzed off all my hair (again) and started on a natural hair journey. My hair was heat damaged, dry and overall needed some serious help so I decided that I needed a fresh start. I'm honestly surprised at how much... Continue Reading →

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