My 2019 Goals

In the spirit of bettering myself and living fearlessly in 2019, I wrote down a whole list of goals and aspirations that I have for myself in this year. As someone who loves list-making and writing down my thoughts, making New Years resolutions isn’t something that is new for me. However, in previous years I would only stay motivated to achieve these goals for so long before I let negativity set in and eventually give up on them. 

This year, I’m vowing to stay consistent in my goal reaching efforts and really push myself out of my comfort zone. While some of my goals are more private and personal, I wanted to share some of them!

In 2019 I want to:

  • Successfully Complete my 365-Day Social Media Challenge (see previous post)
  • Go on an international trip
  • Start a new project—small or big—each month
  • Read at least 2 books each month
  • Save money in a savings account
  • Staying consistent with my actions

I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me, and hope that in a year’s time, I can look back on the beginning of this year and be proud of all the different things I learned and accomplished this year!

Welcoming 2019

Happy New Year!

I truly cannot believe it’s 2019 already! I feel like we just got into the swing of things in 2018 and just like that, it’s over. In one word, 2018 has definitely been humbling for me. I learned a lot about myself and the limits to which I can be there for others. I also struggled with losing myself and being unmotivated to push myself. I am very thankful for my life, my health, my family, friends, and all the other blessings that this past year has given me, but I’m excited to move on and see what 2019 has to offer. 

In honor of the new year, I’m dedicating these next 365 days to fearlessly living out my dreams and enjoying what comes my way. And, I will be sharing my journey on social media along the way! Check out my new video about my 365-day social media challenge on my brand new YouTube page!

It’s International Yoga Day!

This morning, I completed Day 12 of my 30-Day yoga challenge and I’m noticing so many great changes in my body as well as things that I still need to improve on. Yoga is a very mindful and self-aware practice and over the past week and a half I have become increasingly aware of my body and my mind when I dedicate time each day set out for doing yoga.

My biggest challenge so far has been discipling myself to stick with the challenge. I usually try to commit to doing my yoga in the mornings to start my day fresh but sometimes it’s not always possible or easy to get it done early in the day. Sometimes I have to do my yoga before bed which is difficult because I’m usually tired at the end of the day and would rather lay in bed and relax.

On the 5th day I had put off doing my yoga until it was too late and I was too tired to do so. I was disappointed in myself for getting lazy so early on in the challenge and not committing the 20-30 minutes it would take to complete Day 5’s exercises. To make up for it, I did both Day 5’s exercises and Day 6’s so as not to “cheat” on the challenge.

Ever since then, I’ve been doing my yoga every single day and I am slowly seeing progress in my flexibility and upper body strength. I can’t wait to see what else I discover in the remaining days of my 30-Day yoga challenge!


Here’s the link to the yoga instructor’s YouTube channel:


Happy Pride Month!!

IMG_4710.JPGIn honor of June being pride month I got a little colorful and creative!

To get this look I used:

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow (Chocolate) for my eyebrows
  2. LA Girl Pro-Concealer (Almond)
  3. Maybelline FitMe Foundation-Matte Poreless (Cappuccino)
  4. Morphe 35B eyeshadow palette for the eyeshadow look
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Kit (Medium to Tan)
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit- Gleam (Hard Candy)
  7.  Drug Store pink lip liner + Buxom Lip Foundation (Au Naturale)
  8. Maybelline Blush (Fresh Plum)
  9. Natural Flourish-  Blooming lashes

30 Days of Yoga


In my previous blog post I talked about experiencing what I like to call “post-grad blues” and how easy it is to lose motivation when you don’t know where to go next. Uncertainty of the future gives me so much anxiety that I tend to push all thoughts regarding my future away and only focus on the immediate present. As in, thinking about what I should eat for dinner later that day. In that post, I stated that one of my goals for the summer is to channel my energy into something productive and positive for myself and makes me happy.

One of the ways that people “find” themselves and become more self-aware is through yoga. Like most people, I’ve taken a few classes here and there with my friends, and sometimes even my mom, but I never really committed to the practice for my own sake. A few days ago, I randomly decided that I would start my morning off with a yoga session in my backyard. I typed in “yoga for beginners” on my laptop so that I could follow along and visually see what to do. This led me to find a YouTuber named Adrienne who posts various yoga videos that cater to many different levels, styles and abilities. One of the first videos that came up was the “day 1” video of her 30-day yoga challenge and it was then, that I decided I would watch her videos and do yoga everyday for 30 days and try to complete her challenge.

The first day was fairly easy to manage; she mostly focused on easing into the stretches and focusing on breathing. The second day proved to be much harder for me. As someone who works out very infrequently, I was using muscles that hadn’t been used in a while. Though it’s only been two days so far, I can definitely tell where many of my problems lie. I have terrible breathing techniques, my hamstrings, calves, and hips are very tight, and I’m lacking serious upper body strength.

I look forward to completing the 30-day yoga challenge and possibly extending it to a 100-day yoga challenge. One of the main takeaways from practicing yoga is learning how to be self-aware and understand your body. Knowing what I need to fix is the first step to working on these issues and getting fit.

Post-Grad Blues and Getting “Lost in the Sauce”

So here’s the T,

Post-grad blues is a real thing and it’s really hard. Going to college away from home gave me the ability to grow and experience adult life without having true responsibilities yet. It was the best of both worlds. I could essentially do whatever, whenever I wanted but didn’t have to worry about paying my phone bill or my own rent. Though I have learned many valuable lessons during my time at Pitt, I do feel like should’ve done more with my time there.

While I was too busy enjoying my time and freedom, I was letting opportunities pass me by and not taking more initiative to find my passions and work towards goals. As graduation quickly approached and my peers were posting about great internship, job and grad school offers, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. I had no idea where to go next. I didn’t have a career or job that I was particularly passionate about (I’m still struggling to figure this out) and I couldn’t see much past graduation day.

Upon returning home, the transition has definitely been difficult. I spend hours on social media looking at everyone else’s success stories and eager anticipation for their future endeavors. I can’t help but feel an emptiness about my own future. Applying for jobs is never easy, but it’s even worse not even knowing what direction to start in. At times it seems like I’m the only one stuck in the same spot. Even the people who don’t have a secured plan yet have a goal in mind.

Recently I’ve fallen into a pattern of extreme motivation about certain projects or career ideas and then followed by self-doubt which leads to me neglecting everything all together. I think the problem lies within having no direction in life and not knowing what my calling/passion is. My goal for the summer is to hone in on what truly makes me happy and start putting myself first more often. I’m always thinking about how other people feel and too often ignoring my own feelings.

This summer I plan to focus on bettering myself and building a stronger foundation. Here’s to a summer of self-love, self-awareness, blessings and happiness!



I made a Youtube channel?!

I finally did it! After months and months of contemplating whether or not I would start posting videos on my YouTube channel (I had a channel for about 3 years with no content on it), I decided to try making videos. I had always wanted to create a platform where I can share my love for makeup and beauty, while sharing my thoughts on different topics, but I was too scared to take the first step which was making my first video. t was definitely nerve wracking to finally publish it and make the video public on YouTube but I’m happy I did it and look forward to posting another really soon.


If anyone has any tips or advice for me and what I can do to improve my content or my channel I’m definitely welcome to hearing new ideas!

Check out my channel:

And watch my new video!


So Hard to Say Goodbye


Has eight years passed already?!

Not only has the Obama family brought grace and poise to the White House since they entered it in 2008, but we’ve accomplished so many things and made so much progress as a country having them as our nation’s leaders. Strides were made in gaining equal rights for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or religion. While there are still many things we need to address and fix about our country, President Obama has been pushing us in the right direction for the past eight years.

On this Inauguration Day, I’m sad to say goodbye to President Obama and his family but I hope that we can come together to fight for what is right. I hope that as people, we can beat hate, bigotry and negativity with love, acceptance and positivity, and that we continue making progress as a country.

Letting Go and Letting God

So here’s the T,

One of the things that helped me push through the end of 2016, along with a great support system of family and friends, was growing in my faith and spirituality. People have varying degrees of how close their relationship with God is, so I definitely understand that faith isn’t something that everyone can strongly relate to. Some people go to church every single Sunday without fail and have an extremely close relationship with God; others don’t really have any relationship with God at all and some people, like myself, fall somewhere in the middle.

Growing up, I was raised Roman Catholic, following after the example of my mom and her side of my family. My dad isn’t religious and I’m not even sure what his opinions are about faith and believing in God because he doesn’t talk about it much, so all of my experiences with religion as a child were based on Catholic traditions and practices. I went through all the holy sacraments, went to Catholic Sunday school as a kid and I even attended Catholic school from the 5th grade all the way through high school. Despite growing up in a predominantly Catholic environment for most of my life, I just didn’t feel connected to it. I felt like I was going through the motions, believing because I had to. Being the naturally curious person that I was, and still am today, I started to have so many doubts when it came to religion. There were so many questions that didn’t have simple and concrete answers and I had issues with blindly believing in something without being able to fully understand it.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college when I decided that I wanted to strengthen my faith in God again. At a time in my life with so much growth and change, there were so many times where I felt lost, and leaning on friends and family wasn’t enough. I started by going to a Catholic church down the road from my dorm and I had the same experience with religion that I’ve always had. I didn’t feel connected to it. I was just going through the motions. It wasn’t until the next year that I went to a Baptist church a few times with some of my friends, that I really felt a strong connection to my faith again. This isn’t to say that one practice is better than the other, but it’s important to try out new things find where you feel the most comfortable and in what types of environment allow you to truly strengthen your relationship with God. Personally, I found that within a Baptist church. I felt like I was finally connecting with my faith and learning something whenever I went.

I’m still growing and still learning more about myself and God, and I like to take everyday as a new opportunity to become closer to God. As a soon to be college graduate, I have a lot of anxiety about graduating and looking for jobs, possibly applying to grad school and I don’t feel ready for any of it. One of my biggest weaknesses is my fear of the unknown and not allowing myself to live in the moment. I’m always trying to plan everything out so that there’s no uncertainty because I’m afraid of what might happen if I don’t. That’s where having faith comes in. God won’t bring you to something if he can’t bring you through it and while it’s not an easy lesson to learn, I think it’s an important one. Being able to trust that God has a plan for me and that I’ll be okay in the long run really helps me to put things in my life into perspective and be brave enough to take more chances without being afraid of what’s to come in my future.